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Mosquito Control

Mosquito the name applied to species of blood sucking flies and its transmits a pleothora of deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, chickenguneya , filarial, yellow fever and encephalitis. Mosquito considered as one of the major & life threatening pest of the 21st all types of fresh water bodies like, brackish water, contaminated sewage water, water collected at the discarded tyres, coconut shells, broken pots, waste tins / vessels etc.

Control Measure

The available method of mosquito control are usually classified into chemical, biological and environmental depending on whether the control of vectors is attempted through the use of chemicals or biological agents (or) by management of the environment.

Since it is a flying pest, it cannot be carried out to individual houses (or) homes, rather carried out to large industries, townships, apartments, corporate offices, big shopping malls etc.

ACMEpest mosquito control measure comprises the following methods.
  • Antilarval treatment
  • Residual indoor spray with 100% eco friendly chemical
  • fogging
  • A complete solution
  • Totally eco-friendly spray and environmental safe methods used
  • Saves your life and your dear ones from deadly diseases
Type of Service

Since mosquito is a flying insect we suggest you to sign an Annual Maintenance Contract to control it effectively

Periodicity and frequency of services is decided after inspection of your premises