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Rodent Control

Rats, Mice, Bandicoots and Squirrel etc., belong to a group of animals called RODENTS. Rodents are distinguished by their teeth, they have large chisel like front teeth, designed for gnawing, they can gnaw through hard materials like wood, cement walls etc. Rodents are omnivorous, invasive, intelligent and adoptable to given environment, very active in reproduction and rapid in fertility.

Generally rodents can be found within (or) very close to the human habitation. Hence rodents control has become essential as they are one of the most urban pest living at our expense, invading our territory, sharing our food and destroying our properties. They are also transmitter & carrier of deadly diseases. Most of the fire accidents, short circuits are caused by the rodents gnawing the cables electrical wiring. Through the above mentioned factors & criteria makes the rodent control measure a tough task to the pest control organization.